Chapter 10
Chapter 10

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Keith, Ryusuke, Koyuki, Mr. Saitou, Togo, Izumi, Maho,Hyodo, Rikiya, Momoko, Beck

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Chapter 9

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Chapter 11


Two girls, who are visiting New York, spot a dog that looks similar to Beck. They want to take a picture of the dog to show Ryusuke. However, the dog tries to attack them. A voice calls out "Keith!" and the dog rushes over to join a man at the front of what appears to be a gang. When the girls get back to Japan, they relay their story to Ryusuke and show him the photo of the dog. Ryusuke takes the picture, laughing that the picture of the dog attacking them is too blurry to tell what it looks like. When he gets outside, Ryusuke burns the picture.

Meanwhile, Koyuki is visiting guitar stores, but he doesn't have the money to buy himself a guitar.

The story skips forward to March. Since Izumi will be attending a different school now, Koyuki tries to say goodbye to her at the graduation ceremony. However, he is intercepted by Hyodo who is complaining about the melon bread Koyuki bought him.

Later on, Momoko almost finds out that Koyuki has a job and accompanies him to Mr. Saitou's. Mr. Saitou doesn't blow Koyuki's cover (it is against Koyuki's school policy for him to have a job) and tells Momoko that he is just Koyuki's guitar and swimming teacher.

The story then skips forward to April, the beginning of the new school year. Koyuki is disappointed to find himself in the same class as Hyodo. When Hyodo next approaches Koyuki, he tells him that Rikiya found out that Koyuki was the one who broke his guitar. He tells Koyuki that Rikiya wants 100,000 yen to make up for the guitar. He says that he will get 50,000 yen in three days if Koyuki will as well.

Later on, after working for Mr. Saitou for the rest of the day, Mr. Saitou loans Koyuki a "White Falcon" guitar to practice with. On his way home, Koyuki bumps into Ryusuke. Ryusuke asks him about the guitar he's carrying. Koyuki tells him and then asks where he's going. Ryusuke replies that he's headed to the studio and invites Koyuki to accompany him. Koyuki gets to play guitar with Ryusuke and Togo in the studio. After Koyuki leaves, Ryusuke and Togo discuss how good Koyuki has gotten at playing guitar.

Back at school, Koyuki is confronted by Hyodo for not bringing enough money. Mr. Saitou asks Koyuki to take his porn magazines to the trash. Koyuki, coming up with an idea to earn money, disguises himself and sells the magazines in front of a bookstore. He still is 3,500 yen short, but Hyodo takes the money anyway and tells him that he'll be lucky if Rikiya doesn't kill him. As Koyuki exits the school, he bumps into Rikiya.