Chapter 11
Chapter 11

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Koyuki, Ryusuke, Mr. Saitou, Togo, Izumi, Chiba, Taira, Saku, Maho,Hyodo, Rikiya, Momoko

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Chapter 10

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Chapter 12


The chapter opens with Koyuki coming face to face with Rikiya. Rikiya pushes Koyuki over and moves on by him. Later on, Koyuki practices guitar in the studio with Ryusuke's band. After practice, the band watches as Koyuki and Maho argue about Koyuki's English pronunciation. Ryusuke approaches Koyuki as the band starts heading back to their homes and hands him a condem. Koyuki panics and tries to give it back, but Maho interrupts and invites him to her house to pick up a cd she burned for him. When Koyuki tries to take the money out of his pocket to pay her, the condem falls out. Maho becomes violent and chases him out. On his way home, he passes by a bench where Izumi and a boy are sitting together. After the boy leaves, Koyuki comes over and asks Izumi who he is. Izumi explains that the boy asked her out but she only told him that she'd think about it. The next time Koyuki goes to school, his locker is smashed in and all of the other students are giving him the silent treatment. Annoyed by the silent treatment, Koyuki broadcasts Dying Breed's music throughout the school. After a lecture with Momoko about Koyuki's actions, Koyuki bumps into the new transfer student, Sakurai Yuji, who goes by "Saku". Hyodo and his friends watch from the school as Saku talks to Koyuki. Koyuki warns Saku not to talk to him because he could get himself in trouble with Hyodo. When Koyuki gets to Mr. Saitou's home, he finds Mr. Saitou having trouble, but managing to resist partaking in his old habits in the hopes that Momoko might someday like him. Meanwhile, Hyodo's friends inform Saku of the hierarchy of the school. Saku brushes them off and they try to beat him up, but Saku fights back. When Saku next meets with Koyuki, he gives him a tape of Dying Breed's Germany tour. Koyuki is distracted by how beat up Saku is. Saku becomes friends with Koyuki from that point on. Koyuki takes Saku with him to watch Koyuki practice with Ryusuke and the rest of the band. The chapter ends with Taira guessing to himself that Ryusuke wants to add Koyuki to the band.