Chapter 12
Chapter 12

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Koyuki, Ryusuke, Mr. Saitou, Togo, Chiba, Taira, Saku, Maho,Hyodo, Momoko, Mitty

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Chapter 11

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Saku and Koyuki are discussing a new album by Dying Breed. When they get to class, it's time to volunteer participants for the swimming tournament. Hyodo and his friends volunteer Koyuki for all of the events.

Later on, Koyuki and Saku watch Beck perform a show. Saku comments on the skills of each band member, but admits that the drummer isn't very good. After the show, the band members talk about their finances. They need more fans to support them or they won't be able to keep performing together.

The story skips forward to the swimming tournament. Hyodo and his friends are shocked by Koyuki's swimming talent. The other students start getting excited about Koyuki's talent and speculating about Koyuki winning the overall championship for their class. Mr. Saitou drags Koyuki off to practice in between the events, but Koyuki is too exhausted. Maho interrupts them and helps Koyuki with his stretching, telling him that she's been watching the tournament. While she helps out, Maho explains that Togo might leave Beck. Mr. Saitou tells Maho that she and Koyuki should make a wager to boost Koyuki's motivation. Maho agrees and says that if Koyuki wins, she'll do whatever he asks her. During Koyuki's next event, Hyodo notices that everyone is cheering for him. Koyuki wins, although doing so he thumps his head against the side of the pool. When Koyuki gets out of the medical office, Saku and Maho rush to greet him. They tell him that his class won the championship. Koyuki rushes to find Mr. Saitou and finds him giving swimming lessons to Momoko.

Later on, Koyuki and Saku head to Ryusuke's place. When they get there, they pass up Togo, who is on his way out. Ryusuke explains to them that Togo just quit, due to family business. Ryusuke doesn't know how the band is supposed to practice without a drummer. They all settle to reading quietly. When Ryusuke looks at what Saku is reading, he notices that it is an issue of "Drums World" magazine. He takes Saku to the studio for a drum playing session. Ryusuke is amazed by Saku's abilities, since Saku told him that he could play 'a little'. When Chiba arrives late, Ryusuke and Taira strike up a conversation with him. Koyuki, in the meantime, sings into the microphone, not realizing that it is on. He is embarrassed when he finds everyone else staring at him. After practice, Ryusuke talks to Taira about Saku and Koyuki joining the band. Taira is concerned about their ability to commit as they are still middle schoolers.

Later on, Chiba tells Koyuki and Saku that they're in the band and they have a show to play in a week. The story progresses to the day of the show. Koyuki is extremely nervous about performing. The chapter ends just before the band is ready to perform.