Chapter 17
Chapter 17

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Koyuki, Ryusuke, Mr. Saitou, Chiba, Taira, Saku, Hyodo, Rikiya, Mitty, Tanabe, Momoko, Beck

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Chapter 16

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The chapter opens with Koyuki trying to give Hyodo the best guitarist trophy, as Hyodo washes up from his fight with Rikiya. They tied for best guitarist.

Meanwhile, Izumi and Maho come across each other while walking. While Izumi is asking Maho to talk to her, Ryusuke is talking to Koyuki about Maho. As the rest of the band arrives at Ryusuke's, they ask where Koyuki is. Ryusuke explains that he's gone to find Maho.

Meanwhile, Koyuki finds Izumi and Maho talking to each other. Izumi leaves and Maho tells Koyuki that Izumi came to tell her that there was nothing between Koyuki and her.

In the meantime, Ryusuke explains Erica Blige's story from when he met her and why he believed that her death wasn't a suicide. The band discusses why they're not seeming to make any progress with record companies. Ryusuke believes it is Ran's revenge for embarrassing him at the Dying Breed show.

Later on during practice, the band discusses the need to improve themselves and to record a perfect album. Meanwhile at school, Koyuki has been getting more attention from girls, but his grades have been falling. The scene shifts to a later time at the studio, where Chiba realizes Koyuki is sick. The band wants him to relax, but Koyuki insists on practicing anyway. Koyuki keeps messing up the song and Ryusuke keeps restarting the song after yelling at Koyuki.

That night, during a dream, Koyuki suddenly sees a vision of an area covered in trash. Famous rock stars, all of which are dead, are picking up the trash. They tell him that they're cleaning up after his concert. When he wakes up, his fever is gone. The story fast forwards to halfway through winter vacation. The band is at Ryusuke's listening to the finished cd. On their way home, Koyuki asked Saku if he's been studying. Saku replies that he hasn't been. Koyuki wonders what the future holds.