Chapter 18
Chapter 18

Character Debuts

Kigata, Takano, Hiromi

Appearing Charcters

Koyuki, Momoko, Hyodo, Saku, Chiba, Kigata, Ryusuke, Takano, Taira, Beck, Hiromi, Eddie Lee

Preceded by

Chapter 17

Followed by

Chapter 19


The chapter opens with Koyuki attempting to study, but he ends up reading manga instead. After reading manga, Koyuki practices his guitar playing.

Later at school, a rumor is going around that Momoko used to work at a lingerie pub. While at school, Koyuki is in the bathroom at the same time as Hyodo. Hyodo asks Koyuki to hit him since he must want to. Koyuki hits him and they part on friendly terms.

The story fast forwards to April and Koyuki's first day at his new high school. Saku and Chiba (who is a senior) attend the same high school. While Saku and Koyuki are walking on the school grounds, Koyuki spots one of his middle school classmates being bullied by club members. Koyuki interrupts them and his classmate, Kigata, runs away. The club members tell Koyuki that he has to sell the tickets that Kigata was supposed to sell.

After band practice one day, Koyuki mentions to Ryusuke that he'd like to buy his own guitar instead of borrowing Mr. Saitou's. Ryusuke takes him to a music shop and they look at the guitars. They then go to another store: Yngwie Instruments. While there, Ryusuke uses the money he was supposed to use to restock the fish pond to buy a new guitar. The store owner, Takano, plays the guitar for them before he hands it over. Ryusuke begins playing the guitar, capturing everyone's attention. Taira comes into the store. He's known Takano for a while and talks to him. Ryusuke and Taira go to find Koyuki and find him staring at a Telecaster. Takano agrees to give Koyuki a loan if he wants to buy the Telecaster. Koyuki thanks him.

Koyuki starts working in a restaurant. He finds it hard work, but he needs the money. While Koyuki is taking a break behind the restaurant, he sees a girl fall over. Before he can do anything, he's called back into work. On his way home, he sees a billboard with Yoshito featured on it.

At school, Koyuki is having trouble with the club he rescued Kigata from. They want him to sell the tickets that Kigata was supposed to sell, but Koyuki doesn't have the time to sell them. They corner Koyuki in the music room. Chiba interrupts the confrontation and takes down all three of the club members. Chiba tells the club that if they mess with Koyuki or Saku, he will beat them up again. The chapter ends with Eddie Lee calling Ryusuke to inform him that he received the exact same number of bullets in the mail as there are bullet holes in Lucille.