Chapter 2

Character Debuts

Eiji, Maho, Togo

Appearing Charcters

Koyuki, Izumi, Ryusuke, Beck, Eiji, Kayo, Maho, Togo

Preceded by

Chapter 1

Followed by

Chapter 3


Izumi wants to visit Ryusuke and invites Koyuki to accompany her. After Izumi is finished practicing with her swim team, they leave for Ryusuke's. On the way, they discuss music. Koyuki finds that his taste in music is very different from Izumi's. They find that Ryusuke lives and works at a fishing pond. Ryusuke shows them his large collection of music and shojo manga. Ryusuke and Izumi talk the whole time and Koyuki feels kind of left out. Koyuki meets Izumi the next day to go see Ryusuke's band perform. On the way, Izumi lets Koyuki listen to some of Dying Breed's music, a band who's guitarist is friends with Ryusuke. Kayo meets up with Koyuki and Izumi and accompanies them. When they arrive at the studio, they find Ryusuke and the band leader, Eiji, having an argument. They decide to go watch some of the other performances and see Ryusuke's younger sister, Maho, sing on stage. A talent scout is in the audience and Eiji's band is hopeful that he might like their band. When their band takes the stage, there is an equipment malfunction and they are unable to perform. While the band tries to solve the problem, the talent scout leaves. After their performance, the band is rather let down from the lost possibility of being recognized by a talent scout. Koyuki, Izumi, and Kayo join the band at their afterparty. There Koyuki runs into Maho who's looking for a bathroom. She asks for Koyuki's help since she's not good at reading Japanese, having been raised in America. The chapter ends with Koyuki accidentally offending Maho and Maho responding with an angry outburst.