Chapter 22
Chapter 22

Character Debuts

Kazuo Satou

Appearing Charcters

Ryusuke, Leon Sykes, Beck, Ryusuke's Grandmother, Chiba, Saku, Koyuki, Taira, John Lee Davis, Maho Minami, Hiromi Masuoka, Yoshito

Preceded by

Chapter 21

Followed by

Chapter 23


The chapter opens with Ryusuke staring up at the helicopter and seeing Leon Sykes. Ryusuke is confronted by Leon Sykes' thugs for stealing from him.

Two days later, the rest of BECK is looking for Ryusuke. His grandmother says that maybe he is out walking the dog, but the boys are skeptical that he'd be out walking Beck for two days and without getting in contact with anyone.

Meanwhile, Leon Sykes is visting a local shrine while two of the men who work for him talk about him. They come to the conclusion that he is terrifying. In a hotel room, Ryusuke is being guarded by one of Leon's thugs. Ryusuke tries to escape but is unable to. He is left bloodied on the floor. Meanwhile, in the train, a man from his company, asks Leon if he knows a "John Lee Davis". Leon replies that John Lee Davis is his uncle. Leon goes to visit his uncle and brings Ryusuke along at his uncle's request. Leon and John Lee Davis greet each other then Leon introduces his uncle to Ryusuke. When Leon leaves to use the bathroom, Ryusuke talks with John Lee Davis. When Leon returns, he sees the two about to play guitar together. Leon is surprised, but let's them play. After they play guitar together, John Lee Davis has a talk with Leon, confronting him about the violent rumors surrounding him.

Back at Koyuki's school, Saku and Koyuki are discussing how Ryusuke has been gone for 4 days and that they may have to cancel their show, when Chiba joins them bringing along a magazine featuring Maho. Later Taira calls them and when they join him at Ryusuke's house, they find Ryusuke there with a bandaged head. He tells them that Beck and Lucille aren't coming back. Ryusuke, Chiba, and Taira go to a restaurant together to discuss what happened. While they are talking, Koyuki finds an advertisement for Greatful Sound which he shows to Saku. They are interrupted by Kazuo Satou, who is elated to have found the boy from the Dying Breed movie. When the other boys return, they find Satou fishing. Koyuki and Saku explain that she found them due to their US cd. She gives Ryusuke a business card. The phone rings and Ryusuke asks Koyuki to answer it. When Koyuki picks up the phone, it turns out that Maho is calling. She asks Koyuki to come see the Dying Breed movie with her.

When he arrives, Koyuki finds that Yoshito is joining them at the theater. They watch the movie and are shocked when Koyuki gets an entire scene singing on stage with Dying Breed.