Chapter 3
Chapter 3

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Koyuki, Izumi, Tanabe, Ryusuke, Eiji, Taira, Maho, Beck

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The chapter opens with Koyuki reading about Dying Breed during school. Meanwhile, Tanabe steals Izumi's swimsuit. He shows Koyuki the stolen swimsuit and Koyuki tells him that he is done for. Tanabe begs Koyuki to help him return the swimsuit. Although reluctant to get involved and having tried to convince Tanabe to confess to Izumi what he's done, Koyuki finally agrees to assist Tanabe to return the swimsuit secretly. Koyuki and Tanabe are caught sneaking into the girls' locker room. Koyuki confesses to protect Tanabe, then freaks out and denies involvement. When told that they would be taken to the faculty room, Tanabe tells the captain that this was all just an act and that they were doing this to get attention so that they could join the swim team. Izumi quickly agrees with the lie and says it was all her idea. Izumi whispers to Koyuki that he will have to tell her the truth later.

Later on, Tanabe tells Koyuki he thinks that Izumi likes him. Koyuki listens to Dying Breed's cd. He then decides to go visit Ryusuke and learn more about Dying Breed. On his way, he sees Eiji and Ryusuke having an argument. They decide to continue in different directions and both of them swear to create the greatest band ever. Ryusuke spots Koyuki and takes him along to a live show. Ryusuke tells Koyuki to pay special attention to the bassist, Taira. After the show, they meet up with Ryusuke's sister, Maho. She is in the middle of an argument with two men, who she succeeds in scaring off. Maho recognizes Koyuki from their previous encounter. Ryusuke leaves Koyuki and Maho to get something to eat together. Maho invites several of her friends and Koyuki soon feels very left-out and awkward. Koyuki leaves, feeling let down.

Meanwhile, Ryusuke takes Taira out to dinner and asks him to join his new band. Taira tells Ryusuke that Eiji also wants him to join his band. Taira tells Ryusuke he must first find a vocalist as he is serious about his future career in music.

When Koyuki reaches the subway station, Maho catches up with him. She takes him with her to see Beck. While visiting Beck, Maho sings part of a Dying Breed song. Koyuki thinks she is a great singer. Maho tells him that she'd like to be an actress instead. Koyuki then tries his hand at singing the song. Maho is amazed by his talent.