Chapter 4
Chapter 4

Character Debuts

Manabu, Chiba, Mr. Saitou

Appearing Charcters

Koyuki, Izumi, Ryusuke, Beck, Eiji, Maho, Mr. Saitou, Manabu, Chiba, Kayo

Preceded by

Chapter 3

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Chapter 5


Izumi asks Koyuki if he is going to join the swim team and invites him to meet her at the city pool later that day. The scene switches to a paper supply warehouse. A Mr. Saitou is talking over a loan with a businessman. The scene switches back to Koyuki who is struggling with swimming in the city pool. Mr. Saitou is there, correcting the other swimmers' techniques. Koyuki and Mr. Saitou meet, which we find out is according to Izumi's plan. Koyuki challenges Mr. Saitou to a race, with the condition that if Koyuki wins, Mr. Saitou will be his swim instructor. Mr. Saitou is easily winning when Izumi swims by and distracts him, allowing Koyuki to win. After swimming, Koyuki and Izumi head off to go see Ryusuke. When they reach Ryusuke's home, they find him practicing baseball. Ryusuke tells them that he is practicing for a Sunday baseball game. Ryusuke gives Koyuki an old guitar of his to practice on. Ryusuke plays a tune on the guitar to show Koyuki that it sounds good. Koyuki is impressed by his playing. On Sunday, Ryusuke, Koyuki, and Izumi arrive late to the baseball game. The pitcher for the opposing team is a well known singer, Manabu Miyazawa. Ryusuke thinks that if he can get him to join his band, Taira will join the band as well. However, Eiji is there and is also trying to recruit Manabu. Mitchan, the person who asked for Ryusuke to play, comes over and tells Ryusuke off for being late. Because of Ryusuke, he had to call in Chiba. Ryusuke hides when he sees Chiba, as he owes Chiba money. Chiba still spots him and chases him with his baseball bat. While Chiba is at the plate, Kayo talks to Ryusuke about recruiting Chiba as his band's singer. When Manabu hits Chiba with a baseball, a fight breaks out between both teams. Koyuki shouts over the crowd trying to get the fight to stop. Although the fighting stops, Chiba attacks Koyuki. Later on, at a restaurant, Maho suggests that Koyuki should be the singer for Ryusuke's band. Izumi quickly supports Maho's suggestion. Koyuki is shocked, but Ryusuke is willing to audition both Koyuki and Chiba.