Chapter 5
Chapter 5

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Koyuki, Ryusuke, Mr. Saitou, Page, Beck, Izumi, Kayo, Chiba, Taira, Manabu, Eiji

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Koyuki tries to start practicing with the guitar that Ryusuke gave him, but he can't figure it out. His mother gives him a letter from his cousin, Hiro. In the letter, Hiro brags about his piano playing skills. Koyuki, annoyed by the letter, writes a letter about what an amazing guitarist he is. Then he hurries out of his home with his guitar to take a picture in front of the gymnasium to send along with the letter.

While crossing a bridge, Koyuki trips and drops the guitar over the side and onto the road, causing the guitar to get smashed. Koyuki decides he must apologize to Ryusuke. Ryusuke invites Koyuki in and wants to have Koyuki practice singing, but Koyuki interrupts him to confess that he broke his guitar. When Ryusuke hears this, he tells Koyuki to leave and never come back.

Meanwhile, Mr. Saitou takes over as temporary coach for Izumi's swim team.

Later on, Koyuki bumps into Mr. Saitou. Koyuki has Ryusuke's broken guitar with him. Mr. Saitou asks Koyuki if he plays guitar. Koyuki explains that the guitar is broken and Mr. Saitou takes a look at it. He tells Koyuki that the guitar can be fixed and offers to teach Koyuki to play guitar.

Meanwhile, Izumi tries to get Ryusuke to forgive Koyuki. Ryusuke, Chiba, Izumi, and Kayo go to one of Taira's band's shows to watch him perform. They are all surprised when Manabu comes onto the stage and begins performing with Taira and his band. Izumi points out the Eiji is there and Ryusuke comes to the conclusion that this is part of Eiji's plan to get Taira in his band.

Meanwhile, Koyuki is learning to play guitar with Mr. Saitou. Mr. Saitou lends Koyuki a guitar so that he can practice on his own as well. Mr. Saitou introduces Koyuki to his pet cockatiel, Page. Page sings along to the Beatles and any other music he likes. Mr. Saitou has never been able to make Page sing along with him when he plays. Mr. Saitou tells Koyuki he has to get good enough at playing guitar to make Page sing.