Chapter 6
Chapter 6

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Koyuki, Ryusuke, Mr. Saitou, Page, Beck, Izumi, Kayo, Chiba, Maho, Tanabe

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Chapter 5

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Chapter 7


Chiba agrees to join Ryusuke's band as the singer, as long as Ryusuke promises to hook him up with 'a healthy looking girl'.

Meanwhile, Koyuki continues practicing playing the guitar. Mr. Saitou tells Koyuki that he and his old band mates are entering a music competition and have signed Koyuki up as one of the band members. Koyuki begins practicing with Mr. Saitou's band. Koyuki also continues his swimming lessons with Mr. Saitou.

Koyuki receives another letter from his cousin, Hiro, this time bragging about his music instructor. Koyuki replies with a letter about his instructor and decides once and for all not to give up learning to play guitar.

Meanwhile, Ryusuke introduces Chiba to two 'healthy' girls. Chiba tells him that he has no grasp of the meaning of 'healthy'.

Later on, Izumi and Kayo go through Chiba's cd collection and ask the boys what the name of their band is going to be. Ryusuke writes down a list of possible names that all include his own name in them. Chiba doesn't approve, but upon spotting Beck, states that the band should be called BECK as a temporary name.

There is a storm the night of the music competition and Koyuki assumes it has been cancelled. While he's thinking this, Maho throws a stone through his window and asks to be let in. Maho takes a shower, since she'd been caught in the rain, then goes with Koyuki to the festival where the music competition will be held.

At the festival, one of Mr. Saitou's band members gets drunk and hurts himself, becoming unable to perform. Maho offers to sing in his stead. While Koyuki is in the bathroom, he overhears that the contest is rigged. He tells Maho, but she insists that they try anyway. Mr. Saitou tells them to make it a wager and whoever loses has to strip naked. Koyuki is extremely nervous about the performance, which causes him to trip as he gets on the stage. Maho asks Koyuki to accompany her in singing the song. They lose the performance, due to the men in the bathroom being correct about the contest being rigged.

Koyuki and Maho sneak to the school pool after the performance and Maho strips down and swims naked, since she lost the wager. Koyuki is nervous about being caught until Maho starts singing Dying Breed's song, "Swimming Bare". Koyuki then takes off his clothes and joins her in the pool. They sing the song together until a drunk Mr. Saitou interrupts them, telling them that he beat up the winners and took their prize.