Chapter 8
Chapter 8

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Momoko, Koyuki, Ryusuke, Mr. Saitou, Taira, Izumi, Chiba, Maho, Tanabe, Hyodo, Rikiya, Togo

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Momoko reminds Koyuki that today is the music club's performance. Koyuki apologizes for not being able to get the class together. The performance turns out terrible. Koyuki and Tanabe spot a sign for a concert at the school. When they enter the auditorium, they find the band performing with Hyodo as the guitarist. Koyuki is shocked by Hyodo's skills.

Later that day, Hyodo demands that Koyuki buys him lunch. Koyuki tries to divert the conversation by complimenting Hyodo's performance, but Hyodo just gives Koyuki a threatening message about Rikiya and tells him that he doesn't want to talk music with him. Koyuki plans to defy Hyodo's orders, until he sees Rikiya win a fight against the champion of the judo club. In his hurry to comply with Hyodo's orders, Koyuki runs right by Izumi without even noticing her.

Meanwhile at Ryusuke's, it is raining. The band finds one of Ryusuke's guitars badly damaged and lying outside. Togo wants to call the police, but Ryusuke says he knows that Eiji did this. Ryusuke decides that he will be using "Lucille" as a replacement guitar.

Meanwhile, Koyuki is having trouble memorizing his music scales at Mr. Saitou's house. Later on, Koyuki is cornered in the school bathroom by Hyodo and a group of his friends. Koyuki tries to explain that he can't get Hyodo his lunch today because he is needed in the staff room. When Koyuki finally reaches the staff room, Momoko lectures him for not taking his duties seriously. Koyuki apologizes and as he's walking out the door, Momoko notices a footprint on his back. Koyuki makes up a story about practicing wrestle moves and leaves.

As he leaves school, he finds Maho waiting for him. They go out to eat and Maho tells him that Beck, Ryusuke's band, has a show scheduled. Koyuki notices he's late and hurries to Mr. Saitou's. He gets extra work to make up for his lateness. Maho had accompanied Koyuki to Mr. Saitou's and helps him with his work. Koyuki confesses to her that he is working for the money to repair Ryusuke's guitar.

Later on, Koyuki attends BECK's show in a large jacket and sunglasses which he hopes will disguise him. Izumi is there and can't seem to recognize him, but Maho walks up to him right away and greets him. Ryusuke is playing "Lucille", a guitar covered in bullet holes. Koyuki is amazed by the band's performance.

Later on, Mr. Saitou tells Koyuki that the music store said that the guitar is fixed and ready to be picked up. Koyuki picks the guitar up and rushes to show it to Ryusuke. The chapter ends with Koyuki being intercepted on his way to Ryusuke's by Rikiya and Hyodo.