Chapter 9
Chapter 9

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Koyuki, Hyodo, Rikiya, Mr. Saitou, Ryusuke, Taira, Izumi, Chiba, Maho, Eiji, Togo, Page, Beck, Keith

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Hyodo greets Koyuki and asks to play the guitar that he is holding. Hyodo plays the guitar for a while then hands it to Rikiya. Koyuki notices that Rikiya is worse at guitar playing than he is. Rikiya accuses him of laughing at his playing and smashes the guitar. Koyuki isn't able to get the courage up to tell Mr. Saitou what happened to the guitar, so he just thanks him for repairing it. Koyuki becomes more determined than ever to learn to play the guitar well.

Meanwhile, Chiba and Ryusuke are at the fishing pond where Ryusuke lives talking to some girls. Maho confronts Ryusuke with a guitar she found. Ryusuke realizes that the guitar he got from Eddie of Dying Breed has been safe this whole time and the guitar that he gave Koyuki was just a knock-off guitar that he stole.

Later on, Maho meets Koyuki at a restaurant and tells Koyuki the truth. Koyuki is shocked, but he's even more shocked when Ryusuke himself shows up. Too nervous to face Ryusuke, Koyuki runs out of the restaurant.

Later on, Koyuki reflects on Izumi's upcoming graduation and tries to avoid Hyodo at school. While Mr. Saitou is on vacation, Koyuki is watching Page for him.

Later on, at one of BECK's shows, Togo points out that Eiji is watching them. In the back of the room, Maho finds Koyuki, again in disguise, and confronts him about running away. The show starts, interrupting their conversation. Koyuki is amazed that Chiba is rapping instead of singing. Eiji and Koyuki both wonder about Ryusuke's bullet hole filled guitar.

Meanwhile in New York, the girls Chiba and Ryusuke were talking to earlier are taking pictures when they spot a dog that is disturbingly similar to Beck.