Kenichi Saitou
Mr. Saitou

Voiced by

Porsche Okite (Japanese)
R. Bruce Elliott(English)

Manga Debut

Chapter 4

Anime Debut


Birthday :

July 12 - Cancer

Kenichi Saitou is Koyuki's mentor both in music and swimming. Izumi introduces the two of them.

Personality Edit

Mr. Saitou has a very loud personality, always saying what he thinks.

Relationships Edit

Momoko: Momoko is Mr. Saitou's love interest in both the manga and anime.

Koyuki: Koyuki looks to Mr. Saitou as a mentor. He ends up writing the lyrics to one of BECK's songs.

Izumi: Izumi was coached by Mr. Saitou. She respects him as a talented athlete with the ability to motivate others.


Manga PlotEdit

Izumi introduces Koyuki to Mr. Saitou.

Anime PlotEdit

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