Yuji "Saku" Sakurai

Voiced by

Tōru Nara (Japanese)
Johnny Yong Bosch (English)
Yael Yuzon (Tagalog)

Position in Beck


Manga Debut

Chapter 11

Anime Debut

Episode 9


June 6 - Gemini

Yuji Sakurai, more commonly known as "Saku", is BECK's drummer and last member to join apart from Koyuki. He and Koyuki are good friends and classmates. Saku was the first person to talk to Koyuki after school bullies impose a school-wide silent treatment.


Saku has an easygoing personality. He is almost always content, but he can't ignore any injustices done to his friends. His one concern is that he won't be able to keep up with the band's skill level. He is Koyuki's best friend and they are each other's biggest support.


Saku started playing the drums at age 7, due to his older brother's influence. Though he doesn't come from a musical family, he does mention that his mother is also a fan of music. Due to his family's influence, Saku seems to know a lot of obscure facts about bands and other musicians.

Relationship with the bandEdit

Saku is by far the calmest member of the band. He never takes harsh words to heart and manages to hold most of the band members together. He is also a strong supporter for Koyuki and is constantly helping him to go up higher.

  • Ryusuke:
  • Taira:
  • Chiba: Chiba views Saku and Koyuki similarly to little brothers.
  • Koyuki: Koyuki is Saku's best friend. The two of them do most everything together and he understands Koyuki better than the rest of the band.
  • Hiromi: Matsuoko Hiromi is Saku and Koyuki's high school classmate. Not long after being acquainted, Saku asks out Hiromi and she accepts. She becomes a big supporter of Beck.

Other Relationships Edit

Trivia Edit

  • In the Filipino Dub of the anime series, he was voiced by Yael Yuzon, the main vocalist of the Filipino band, Sponge Cola prior to his marriage with singer and actress, Karylle due to his long lasting relationship.


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